Kobe Part II

In between commercials during the NBA playoffs, I found myself playing around and experimenting in After Effects. As mentioned in the previous post, I specifically started creating a motion graphics spot for Kobe Bryant as I was very inspired by his playoff run. I should’ve known that I’d be jinxing him from the moment I started the project and sure enough, the Lakers are down 2-0 to the much despised Celtics.  I decided to stop work on the spot after about a week and half of time.  My excuse is that I want to stop the jinx I put on the Lakers so that they can bounce back and start winning. However, the real reason is a busy schedule and a lack of free time. It’s a bit sloppy right now but check out the first mix below or click the vimeo link:


1 Response to “Kobe Part II”

  1. December 11, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    Wii Yatani, I think your motion graphics on kobe is great! I have been playing around with after effects myself, hopeing to do something on the basketball team I play for, It will be for my Major project. I was just wondering what pulgins you used for your video, can you get them free? I am a final year student in a Interactive Multimedia Design course. I posted some of your work on my Blog. ( I have the link below if you go to week 7 on my design blog.)

    It would be great if you know of any good websites that would help me.


    Damien Gallagher

    Love your website. Keep it up! And do some more stuff on basketball!

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