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*Burton update

Finished and live to the world! Check out my Burton motion spot here.

Feedback is always much appreciated! I’m very pleased with the result and definitely picked up some valuable skills along the way. I still have a long way to go especially compared to the amazing people at Psyop, Superfad, and Digital Kitchen to name a few. However some of the things that I found very frustrating before, are beginning to feel a lot more natural to me and with that, I can smile.

I’m now back to the drawing board for my potential ‘short film’. A new Canon HF10 would be very useful! 😛


North Kingdom – Designer’s First Monarchy


“Designer’s First Monarchy” – talk about a bold tagline! Only someone at the #1 spot could make such a statement and get away with it and North Kingdom truly fits the bill. Their two websites, Vodafone Future Vision and Get the Glass, easily rank among the top 10 sites EVER. Their projects undergo a production pipeline similar to a damn feature length film. Green screening, sound design, VFX; they absolutely push the boundary of the internet and user experience. I’ve always had questions about their workflow and even though their site has some nice behind the scenes info, I wanted to get inside even deeper. Lo and behold, Robert Lindstrom’s (co-founder) blog, DCHPL. I came across it months ago and it’s an absolute must-read blog for designers, developers, project managers everywhere. You might have to filter through some of the posts but the behind the scenes stuff is just incredible. 

**UPDATE: I’ve started animation for the Burton piece and it’s coming along nicely. 🙂


Burton storyboard

Not only does Burton have some of the best snowboarders in the world riding its boards and rocking its gear, it also has a pretty damn nice website. I’ve always wondered if their in-house team created it. I know JDK has done a lot of work for Burton, being in VT and all, but I didn’t see anything in their portfolio.

In any case, as my mind wonders from idea to idea, I started designing a storyboard. What started out as just some doodling, lead to some paint splatters, snow, Shaun White, and inevitably, Burton snowboarding. It’s been a great distraction as I brainstorm my short “film”. Below is a work in progress (click to enlarge). I’m pleased at the early results and eager to include this under my list of motion graphics work. Oh and by the way, if any head honcho from Burton is reading this, yes – I would love to design a snowboard for you guys. 🙂


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