MTV Interview Part II

The last couple of days have been very hectic. Moving into a new apartment is very exciting but you never realize how much junk you have hidden away until you start cleaning and packing. In any case, its been a couple days since the MTV interview got published. Since then, I’ve had some interesting comments, phone calls, emails, and facebook requests. My parents also received some emails from Japan as the news broke in a bunch of japanese websites and blogs. Thanks to all the well wishers and also the cynics. I couldn’t help but laugh myself when reading some of the witty remarks.

Of course my website and blog were greatly affected by the interview. The good thing was that traffic spiked up by about 500%. The bad news was that my site dropped from a #2 google ranking to #6 when searching ‘Wii Yatani’. The google search results were flooded with News sites reposting the article. Damn you google search spiders!

Anyways, with all that being said, I enjoyed my 15 minutes of fame but now it’s back to unpacking, cleaning and making my apartment look like a page from an IKEA catalog. 😛


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