The genius of Nando Costa

There are some very, very talented people out there in the creative world. But then there are those few people that are just at another level. It’s both inspirational and humbling at the same time. Nando Costa of nervo.tv was here last night in NYC. Himself, along with some reps from Red Giant Software, flew all the way from Portland, OR to give some insight into his genius mind. It wasn’t the typical lecture of “we green screened this, added some particles and finished it with a logo animation”. It was more on the level of “the birds are animated using processing technology with full control over behaviors like collision, gravity, force all while maintaining a fluid connection with each line.” That’s about the part our jaws dropped to the floor. If you are wondering, I’m specifically talking about this TV spot for Fox Movies:

No, that’s not live footage. A PNG sequence of a 3D modeled bird was brought into a processing application. From there, Nando and his team were able to fully control their movement and flow that provided a real-time, natural, organic animation that would’ve taken 10x as long to replicate using a 3D app for instance. The show package consisted of 15+ spots so make sure you watch all of them. This was one of about five projects he talked about in depth and with some great behind the scenes info. His Timex spot was another favorite of mine. A workflow of XSI and After Effects with 500+ layers and expression powered animation comprised that spot. Phew. It’s also all about multi-pass(!), something I’m learning is a time saver and very important in having a polished look.

I should also mention that he doesn’t do this entirely on his own. His small team (7 people?) also deserve the proper respect as well. Can’t wait to see the future work that comes out of that studio.


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  1. February 20, 2013 at 4:35 am

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    I actually loved each and every single portion of this blog post.
    Many thanks ,Frieda

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