2009 has been a blur

You know you’re busy when you cannot find a decent chunk of personal time to maintain your blog. It’s a chaotic feeling I welcome and it forces you to be a little bit more organized. What have I been up to…?

• Last Exit recently launched the new Piaggio USA website which I helped work on under the direction of Fred Wheeler and the rest of the LX team.


• A great video portal website which I’ve been heavily designing is in its building stages. I cannot go too in detail just yet but it is sure to be a great launch in the coming months.
• Just this morning, I received an email invitation to participate in the preliminary rounds of the Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament here in New York City.

• OBAMA is officially our 44th President! 🙂
• Some freelance jobs were starting to pile up on my TO-DO plate. Things, a great task management application for the MAC has been a savior these past couple weeks. But now my trial period is over and I’m contemplating whether to use our dwindling economy as an excuse not to purchase the $50 software.
• We’re starting a new presentation forum next week at work called “LX Lecture Series” which we hope will be a nice platform for further discussion, collaboration and inspiration.
• And finally in the most important news… I tried my first 360 off a jump. I wrecked after only spinning 270 degrees but like anything, will pick myself back up and try again. 🙂


1 Response to “2009 has been a blur”

  1. 1 VC
    January 22, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    big fan…post more often. love your work man. keep it up.

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