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Mograph fun

Playing around with the mograph module, I decided to create something for my friend Dave, who just happens to be the biggest UNC fan. Watching the tar heels win the NCAA championship was painful, so creating this image was kind of like systematic desensitization for me.



digup tv

In need of some inspiration? Check no further than digup tv. Digup tv is a “video documented review on digital design.” I personally loved the interviews of Mate Steinforth (Psyop), Rob Chiu & Chris Hewitt, and Pierre Magnol (Gkaster). All the interviews are well shot, edited and put together to really tell a fantastic story and keep you totally engaged for the full ~10 minutes.

On a side note, I contacted Pierre a few months ago with some questions about two of his projects. He was very friendly and helpful and it’s nice to watch his interview in retrospect. ┬áJust goes to show that if you have questions, JUST ASK! I still think his reel is one of the 3 best I’ve ever seen.