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Snowboarding season begins

I’ve been counting down the days until snowboarding season probably since my last trip to Utah in April. By the time September came around, I was becoming very inpatient. When we finally headed up to Vermont in November for the first day of the new season, I felt like I was 10 years old waking up on Christmas day.

The Farmer’s Almanac had predicted this winter to be one of the coldest/longest in recent memory and boy have they been right so far. The summit of Stratton Mountain felt like mid-season which was pretty remarkable since it was only Nov 29. I took full advantage of the great early season conditions and wasted no time in shooting some footage. I was a bit nervous with handling my camcorder in the winter snow but came prepared with a UV Filter and an extra padded backpack.

As I’ve said before, the Canon HF100 shoots amazing picture quality but I ran into a number of challenges shooting on the mountain. The snowboarding footage you see in movies are generally shot from the back of a snowmobile. Trying to shoot while riding a snowboard is a disaster waiting to happen. Trying to minimize camera-shake while dodging people/obstacles, keeping one eye on the LCD, all while breaking/carving is flat out impossible! Even on flats, the camera shake was just too much.

Some of the HF100’s manual settings are also just too clumsy when you want to shoot something quickly. I tried my best switching between settings such as shutter speeds and manual focusing but ultimately left most of the settings on auto. My biggest mistake was probably forgetting to switch up to 1/2000 for fast shots. Regardless, I found that the movement was still very smooth.

Another challenge was just getting into position. My friends would fly down the mountain and it was tough figuring out how I wanted the shot to develop. In the end, I was happy with how everything turned out but there’s definitely faulty areas and much room for improvement. These are lessons I can take back with me for my next trip. I’m excited to bring my camcorder out more in the future. My girlfriend asked me, “How come there aren’t any tricks in the video?” My response was “Because we didn’t do any tricks.” Until next time…

You can view the video here:

Facebook Video






On a random side note, YouTube has FINALLY updated to show HD video. Even so, I will stick to Vimeo as I feel it has a better community. Surprisingly, the quality of Facebook is also very good. The days of SD are definitely coming to an end…


Central Park in Autumn

There is nothing quite like Central Park during the fall season. The beautiful, vivid colors are the perfect backdrop to the wandering tourists, runners, strollers and performers that flood the paths and walkways. It’s also the perfect excuse to carry along my HF100 and capture some footage. Central Park is one of the many reasons I love new york city. (I also have a hate list that’s just as long.) Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my battery which meant I only shot about 10 minutes worth of footage. An extra battery, along with a UV filter and 2 more SDHC cards, are on my list of things to buy. I also wouldn’t mind a 35mm DOF adapter either. In any case, it’s been quite some time since my last Canon HF100 post and my last video creation. I have a family reunion in Japan during December and I’m definitely going to take advantage of shooting in Tokyo. Can’t wait for that…

Screen grabs from the footage I shot in Central Park this past weekend. Video to come…


Some Randomness

Random #1: My top 3 link addictions of the week month.

1. Chase Jarvis
3. Tokidoki

Random #2: Why would anyone ever shoot interlaced footage? My very wonderful, super slick, super cool Canon HF100 can shoot 24p, 30p and 60i but I find absolutely no reason to shoot in 60i. If I need to catch something moving quickly, I’ll just increase shutter and shoot progressive. I did a comparison on my computer and the 60 fields does not make any difference. In fact, all it does is create an extra step for me during post because I have to deinterlace. When will 60p be out???

Random #3: Speaking of shooting footage…the Phantom v12 shoots at 1000fps. That’s like watching a 5 minute video of a person yawning. That puts the RED camera, aka my dream camera, to shame.

Random #4: I’ve been playing around with a new version of my Burton snowboarding piece (see the ‘work in progress’ below). Winter can’t come soon enough. :/ 



Canon HF100…finally!

I recently purchased a new Canon HF100 and can now cross off at least one item from my “toys to buy” list. I did some tests over the weekend to try and learn more about the different settings. I used my willing girlfriend as my test subject. 🙂 From first tests I’ve learned that: a) picture quality is pretty darn amazing b) manual settings are a little clumsy and c) AVCHD files are hard to work with and eat up A LOT of space after converting. Regardless, I LOVE the camcorder and will have a lot of fun playing around with it.

Below are some screen grabs from the shots I took over the weekend. You can view the full video here:


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