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5 second countdown

Spent a free day working on another small animation for GSG’s 5 second projects. Check it out here:


New Fall 2009 Demo Reel

My new demo reel is up…check it out here.



Greed – Experimental Short

Over the past month and a half, I’ve been working on an abstract, experimental short focusing on the theme of “Greed”.  During brainstorm sessions and explorations, I came across a quote by Albert Einstein. “The stakes are immense, the task colossal, the time is short. But we may hope – we must hope – that man’s own creation, man’s own genius, will not destroy him.” That pretty much summed up exactly what I wanted to portray – Man’s greed as a driving force for progression, yet destruction as well. Are we destroying what truly matters for selfish growth and advancement? Do we as people naturally yearn and desire for more? There seems to be a very thin line between greed and ambition.

These are some of the questions and ideas I had floating around my head when I began creating my concept. I wanted to create something abstract that reinforced this theme without being completely obvious. I hope I did leave some room for interpretation. I am also intrigued with the idea of trying this for all 7 deadly sins. Here’s to more free time!

View the video here:



5 seconds and orange

Nick Campbell (, a motion designer at Digital Kitchen Chicago, started running a weekly (bi-weekly?) themed design challenge. The first challenge was called “5 seconds and orange” and that was really the extent of it. It’s nice having total creative freedom to just practice, experiment and do whatever you feel like but under some sort of direction. If only all briefs could be this fun! A 5 second animation can sometimes take me days to do but I knew I only had a couple free hours monday night to work it out. After my 45 minute subway commute home, I had a general idea of what I wanted to try doing. My 2 hour labor of love:


By the way, make sure you check out his website. It’s a great resource and his portfolio is top notch of course.


The genius of Nando Costa

There are some very, very talented people out there in the creative world. But then there are those few people that are just at another level. It’s both inspirational and humbling at the same time. Nando Costa of was here last night in NYC. Himself, along with some reps from Red Giant Software, flew all the way from Portland, OR to give some insight into his genius mind. It wasn’t the typical lecture of “we green screened this, added some particles and finished it with a logo animation”. It was more on the level of “the birds are animated using processing technology with full control over behaviors like collision, gravity, force all while maintaining a fluid connection with each line.” That’s about the part our jaws dropped to the floor. If you are wondering, I’m specifically talking about this TV spot for Fox Movies:

No, that’s not live footage. A PNG sequence of a 3D modeled bird was brought into a processing application. From there, Nando and his team were able to fully control their movement and flow that provided a real-time, natural, organic animation that would’ve taken 10x as long to replicate using a 3D app for instance. The show package consisted of 15+ spots so make sure you watch all of them. This was one of about five projects he talked about in depth and with some great behind the scenes info. His Timex spot was another favorite of mine. A workflow of XSI and After Effects with 500+ layers and expression powered animation comprised that spot. Phew. It’s also all about multi-pass(!), something I’m learning is a time saver and very important in having a polished look.

I should also mention that he doesn’t do this entirely on his own. His small team (7 people?) also deserve the proper respect as well. Can’t wait to see the future work that comes out of that studio.


Snowboarding motion graphics spot #2

I just finished creating my second snowboarding motion graphics spot. Because the Burton spot had more of a graphical approach, I tried to do something a bit more photo realistic. It was fun to create this spot but now I’m itching to go boarding even more. Oh yeah, I have no idea why this is for Transworld. 😛 Also, I’ve heard many different arguments about the most efficient way of animating the camera in 3D space. I guess in the end, it just depends on the project. I’m experimenting with one-node vs two-node, parenting to nulls, expressions, yada yada but ultimately, some rigs work better in different situations. And yea, I really need to learn Pro Tools or become best friends with a sound designer..

Anyways, check out the spot here and feedback is always always appreciated:



Some Randomness

Random #1: My top 3 link addictions of the week month.

1. Chase Jarvis
3. Tokidoki

Random #2: Why would anyone ever shoot interlaced footage? My very wonderful, super slick, super cool Canon HF100 can shoot 24p, 30p and 60i but I find absolutely no reason to shoot in 60i. If I need to catch something moving quickly, I’ll just increase shutter and shoot progressive. I did a comparison on my computer and the 60 fields does not make any difference. In fact, all it does is create an extra step for me during post because I have to deinterlace. When will 60p be out???

Random #3: Speaking of shooting footage…the Phantom v12 shoots at 1000fps. That’s like watching a 5 minute video of a person yawning. That puts the RED camera, aka my dream camera, to shame.

Random #4: I’ve been playing around with a new version of my Burton snowboarding piece (see the ‘work in progress’ below). Winter can’t come soon enough. :/ 



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