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What moves you?

I’ll be the first to admit… I’ve been a little distracted the past couple weeks. After watching Kobe and the Lakers lose in the NBA finals, my motivation for completing the Kobe Bryant video has gone completely downhill. The bad side to this of course, is that designers should ALWAYS finish a project to completion. So in that sense, I feel a bit guilty. The good side however, is that it was never a real project but rather just a creative outlet for me. It’s not like I missed a deadline or disappointed a client. I just wanted to experiment and do something different from my day to day. Another good side of it is that in the past couple weeks, I’ve felt the need to create other things as well. And besides, the ‘want’ and urge to create something is probably just as important as completing a project in its entirety. 

So the question is, what next? My website, thewiimix, needs a MAJOR overhaul. It’s outdated, too gimmicky and just not efficient for where I am in my career. I do want to portray Wii Yatani in an accurate light and it’s VERY important that I do it soon. However, I decided to put that on hold for just a bit as I feel I have too much to learn and experiment with in other creative areas.  Recently, I’ve started realizing how badly I would love to create a short film. Only a few, small problems lie in my way. I have no equipment, no experience, no script, no actors, no budget, and no time. So what do I do? Well, I realized pretty quickly that I should probably start off a little smaller. Perhaps it won’t be a full fledged production but it can still be a film, and it will most definitely be short! It’s very important for me to create something powerful, something that will move the viewer. The Kobe vid was fun to do but that’s all it was…fun. It’s pretty much just eye candy without any real emotional impact or messaging. I want to create something that will really move people however that may be. I want the piece to linger in the viewer’s thoughts for a few seconds (even minutes!) after watching it. I know that’s setting the bar high but that’s exactly what everyone should do in life in general right? Set yourself up for lofty expectations so that you have to reach that much higher in achieving it. I know what I have to do…brainstorm, plan, experiment, observe and work hard. No short cuts, no excuses. I know what I have to do, now I just have to do it. **end with nike logo here 😉



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