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5 second countdown

Spent a free day working on another small animation for GSG’s 5 second projects. Check it out here:


Reel Critique by GSG!

Nick Campbell who is a motion designer at Digital Kitchen Chicago has a wonderful blog which has become a weekly bookmarked visit for me. I spoke once before about his 5 second projects and how it’s a great way to play with an open brief to experiment and learn. His new thing is reel critiques. Basically you can send him a link to your reel and he’ll do a real time critique of it. I was 1 of the 3 reels chosen for his 2nd episode. He had some nice words to say about my reel which is very encouraging and offered some insight into how I could improve it. Thanks Nick! And thanks to everyone else who’s left comments, emails, advice and everything else.

Watch the critique here.



5 seconds and orange

Nick Campbell (, a motion designer at Digital Kitchen Chicago, started running a weekly (bi-weekly?) themed design challenge. The first challenge was called “5 seconds and orange” and that was really the extent of it. It’s nice having total creative freedom to just practice, experiment and do whatever you feel like but under some sort of direction. If only all briefs could be this fun! A 5 second animation can sometimes take me days to do but I knew I only had a couple free hours monday night to work it out. After my 45 minute subway commute home, I had a general idea of what I wanted to try doing. My 2 hour labor of love:


By the way, make sure you check out his website. It’s a great resource and his portfolio is top notch of course.